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Online Pumps Datasheets and Catalogues

Below are links to the SKF Lincoln datasheets and catalogues for the various range of lubrication pumps available. If you can't find the one you need please email enquiries@grouphes.com or call 01452 733 104 and speak to the team. 


Grease Pump Units - For progressive and multiline systems, manually, pneumatically or hydraulically actuated 


PPU, PHU Piston Pumps for progressive grease and oil systems, pneumatically or hydraulically actuated


Electric Grease Transfer Pump GTP for pumping lubricants from separate grease drums


Electric Grease Feeding Pump EFFP For oil, fluid grease, and grease For filling centralized lubrication pumps or simple lubrication tasks


Pneumatically driven piston pump unit PPS30 For fluid grease and oil For small and medium-sized machines and equipment


Mini piston pump unit SKF Compact Greaser (ETP) For fluid grease and grease NLGI grade 0 to 2


Manually or pneumatically actuated piston pumps Product series Pxx For oil and fluid grease For use in SKF MonoFlex single-line centralized lubrication systems


Gear Pump Units For single-line centralized lubrication systems


Gear pump units Product series MKx For oil and fluid grease For use in SKF MonoFlex single-line systems and centralized oil+air lubrication systems


Gear pump unit Product series KFB For high-viscosity oils and fluid grease of NLGI grades 000, 00 For use in SKF MonoFlex single-line centralized lubrication 


UD and UC Gear pump unit for SKF CircOil or hydraulic lubrication systems


Single- and Multi-circuit Pumps for Circulating and Hydrostatic Lubrication as Gear and Vane Pump Units, Reservoir Units


Gerotor Pumps Product series 143 for oil for use in SKF CircOil centralized lubrication systems


Multi-line pumps Product series RA For oil and grease For use in SKF MultiFlex multi-line lubrication systems


JM Oil Lubrication Pump SKF MultiFlex multi-line pump units for total loss oil lubrication systems on compressors


P653S Centro-Matic oil pump Provides performance, dependability and versatility


Multiline pump unit Product series FF for oil, fluid grease and grease, for SKF MultiFlex and SKF ProFlex centralized lubrication systems


FB multiline lubrication pump for grease and oil, electrically driven, for large multi-line and progressive systems


Piston pump unit Product series KFG For fluid grease and grease For use in SKF MonoFlex and SKF ProFlex centralized lubrication systems


Grease Lubrication Pump FK for use in progressive, single-line and dual-line centralized lubrication systems


Motor-driven pump AS Piston pump, change-over by overpressure, for dual-line centralized grease lubrication system


Motor-driven pump unit GSJB Multi-outlet pump units with oil or grease reservoir designed for centralized lubrication systems


Electromagnetic pump PE For the lubrication of floor or overhead conveyors


Multi-outlet drum pumps GSE Multi-outlet drum pump units delivering oil or grease, for centralized single-line lubrication systems


PTEX extruder pumps Pneumatic extruder pump for drums of grease up to NLGI grade 2


Integrated regreasing cartridge Electrothermal Pump Compact (ETPC) for spindle bearings


Lincoln HTL 201US continuous, hydraulic lubrication pump High lubrication reliability thanks to improved technical design


SKF Multilube pumping unit for industrial lubrication systems


SKF Multilube pumping unit for heavy vehicle lubrication systems


SKF SM-100 Oil Pumping Unit For demanding circulating oil lubrication system applications


SKF Maxilube pumping centre for SKF DuoFlex, dual-line lubrication systems