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MQL Units

Minimum Quantity Lubrication is the supply of just the right amount of lubrication to the right point in the form of a spray or aerosol. The spray is air which holds tiny droplets of oil or grease which coats the moving parts.


MQL units use only a small amount of lubricant, so there are huge savings to be made in terms of the cost of the lubricant, the cost to the environment and the general cost of operation because service life is extended by proper lubrication, safety is increased and downtime is reduced.

MQL is widely used in the machine tools industry to lubricate the point between the tool and the workpiece. Many companies in this industry (and others) have seen huge increases in productivity and efficiency and thus profitability by using MQL.

HES Lubemec offers a wide choice of MQL units that have been specifically developed by SKF, the world-leading manufacturer of lubrication components and systems.

For more information or to discuss your requirements, HES Lubemec’s lubrication specialists are ready to help, call them today on 01452 733 104 or email enquiries@grouphes.com