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Lubrication Fittings and Accessories

In order to get the best out of your automatic lubrication system, you need to incorporate suitable accessories, fittings and tubing. Even something as small as a spray nozzle could result in reduced performance if it is not the correct option.

Lubrication Fittings and Accessories

You may have the correct lubrication system, use the correct main components and the appropriate type of lubricant, but your lubrication efforts may still not produce optimum results. 

With the combined portfolios of SKF and Lincoln, HES Lubemec has the knowledge and availability to advise you on the very best fittings option based on the type of lubricant you use, the type of lubrication system you have, the pressure in the system and your specific application.

The range of fittings available is extensive and varied. For example, there are numerous options when applying oil to chains, including brushes (with a choice of materials and lengths from 19 to 41mm), nozzles, and spray heads that distribute the accurately metered lubricant to the point of application.

The type of tubing selected also plays an important role in ensuring optimum performance. HES Lubemec is able to offer a complete range of tubing from 2.5 mm OD nylon, to 38mm OD cold drawn mild steel. Selection of the correct tubing depends on the type of system, system pressure, lubricant viscosity, run length, temperature and environmental conditions. We will be pleased to advise on the correct tubing for your application.

Also available is a vast range of accessories including air/oil mixing valves, filters, reservoirs, level switches, flow volume dividers, needle valves, lubricant collectors and pinions (for use in SKF WindLub Systems) etc.

HES Lubemec also has a complete offering of fittings including stud connectors, elbow connectors, banjo fittings, screw plugs, tee connectors, adaptors, vent plugs and many more. Fittings are available in cutting ring, barrel olive, or push in types and in a range of metric and imperial sizes.

Whatever you need to complete your system, call our lubrication specialists today on 01452 733 104 or email enquiries@grouphes.com they will guide you through the selection process.

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