Monitoring Devices

Using an automatic lubrication system makes lubrication simple and reduces the need for human interaction. That doesn’t mean, however, that an operator is not required at all.

It is very important to monitor the system to avoid costly accidents and downtime. HES Lubemec provides a wide choice of monitoring devices that will use signals, either visual or electrical, to alert to variances or problems within the system.

HES Lubemec has switches to check pressure and lubrication levels, sensors to measure flow and humidity, pressure gauges and transmitters as well as flow monitors and piston sensors.

As well as the factors above, HES Lubemec can offer products to monitor contamination, volume, temperature and moisture.

HES Lubemec is your total lubrication system and components provider, we are committed to making sure that your lubrication solution is perfect for your specific application.

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Pulse Monitors


Pulse Generator SP/SFE 30/5, SP/SFE 30/6 GL for total-loss oil and grease lubrication systems


Pulse Generator Productseries SP/SFE 30/3003 compliant with ATEX Directive 94/9/EC for oil and grease lubrication systems designed to consume 0,1 to 50 


Pressure Switches Product series DSA, DSB, DSC, DSD For oil, fluid grease and grease For use in SKF centralized lubrication systems, hydraulic and compressed-air systems


Fill level switch Product series WSx For oil and hydraulic fluid reservoirs For use in SKF centralized lubrication systems


Flow Monitors and Sensors for intermittent and circulating centralized lubrication systems


Monitoring Units for efficient and precise monitoring of individual flows in circulating oil lubrication systems


SMD 1B / SMD 2 / SMD 3 flow meters Modular design for oil circulating lubrication systems with gearwheel-type flow indicator and bypass system


For reliable machining processes SKF Aerosol monitor AM1000


Lincoln FlowMaster reservoir level sensor and overflow prevention system


SKF Safeflow oil flowmeter For easy and accurate flow monitoring


SKF Flowline monitor New dimension of oil circulation flow rate measuring