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Single Point Lubricators

Buy SKF Lincoln Single Point Automatic Lubricators online, as they are the ideal choice for providing lubrication for your machine when it is uneconomical to put in a complete system (too much distance between lubrication points).

They provide solutions in a way that reduces both the risk of accidents and machine downtime as well as improving reliability and operator’s time. SKF Single Point Automatic Lubrication is a simple way to advance your lubrication system, a way that is easy to use, assemble and maintain.

There are three main categories of single point automatic lubricators, SKF System 24 LAGD Series, SKF System 24 TLSD (Formerly LAGE Series) Series and the TLMR Series. The latter two series are electro-mechanically driven, whilst the LAGD Series is gas driven. All these lubricators come in a transparent unit so you can monitor usage.

The TLSD Series (LAGE Series) is perfect when the temperature varies or if the application requires remote mounting. This Series comes with traffic light system of LEDs to enable efficient monitoring. The TLMR is suitable for high pressures and ideal for hard to reach or dangerous places, with its wide temperature range and its robust design. The LAGD Series is powered by a buildup of hydrogen that applies pressure to the piston, distributing the lubricant. This is the easiest unit to install, which is supplied ready-to-use. 

HES Lubemec can supply extensive technical advice on which series would be best for your application. Call us today on 01452 733 104 or email enquiries@grouphes.com for more info.

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