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Control Units

HES Lubemec offers an extensive range of different control units, which have been developed specifically for each type of lubrication system to suit the requirements of various applications in all types of industry.

lubrication control units skf

Your lubrication system is innovative and makes lubrication easy and efficient. Although the system does not need as much operator involvement as manual lubrication, it does require control.

The control units each have different functions depending on the type of lubrication system you have in place, whether it is a total loss system or a circulating lubrication system. The control units will monitor certain things including pressure, quantity, lubrication level and the number of cycles.

The lubrication system is controlled by these units to ensure that all lubrication points receive the correct amount of lubricant. They will also alert you to faults in the systems, which can prevent serious damage from occurring.

There is a multitude of options available in control units so please contact us to discuss your lubrication system and for help selecting the right control unit for said system. Call the experts today on 01452 733 104 or email us enquiries@grouphes.com 


See here for datasheets and catalogues for SKF Lubrication Control Units