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Lubrication Systems for Chains

For conveyor belts and in any manufacturing business, there are certain things that you always want to avoid, namely operator accidents, increased production costs and unplanned downtime. Automatic lubrication of the conveyor belts will help eliminate these problems when caused by inadequate or irregular lubrication.

 Chain Systems


With an automatic or centralised lubrication system from HES Lubemec in place, the right amount of oil or grease is supplied at the right time automatically. Therefore, production does not need to be stopped to apply lubrication to the moving chains, nor does an operator need to risk injury to apply it manually.


Adequate and regular lubrication results in less friction and noise from the conveyor chains, thus reducing energy costs and reducing the negative environmental impact. Reducing the amount of friction and wear to the chains will also mean that they do not need to be replaced so often, the longer service life means reduction in costs.


Conveyor chain belts are used in numerous industries across a range of applications, including but not limited to drying kilns for the car and food and beverage industries, as well as sterilization systems and assemblies, escalators, luggage processing at airports and freight consolidation stations.


Both SKF and Lincoln offer specifically developed products for conveyor chains so you know you are using a system that is engineered for this exact purpose. The lubrication specialists at HES Lubemec will complete a thorough analysis of your requirement and will work with you to find the right lubrication solution for your application.


Call the experts today on 01452 733 104 or email enquiries@grouphes.com to discuss your chain lubrication requirements. 



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