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Progressive Grease Lubrication Systems

HES Lubemec is your expert in the field of lubrication and various different types of automatic (or centralised) systems. We are technically advanced in the field of progressive systems and are ready to advise you on your progressive lubrication system. 

progressive lubrication grease system

Progressive “ ProFlex” systems are utilised in all sections of industry for small to medium size machines. HES Lubemec supplies systems for both oil and grease (NLGI 000 – 2), with options for manual, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric pumps.

For more information on progressive systems, you can visit the Progressive Oil Lubrication Systems page or you can call the team on 01452 733 104 or email enquiries@grouphes.com


SKF Progressive Lubrication Systems - Overview Catalogue


Grease Pump Units - For progressive and multiline systems, manually, pneumatically or hydraulically actuated 


PPU, PHU Piston Pumps for progressive grease and oil systems, pneumatically or hydraulically actuated


Cycle switches, cycle indicators, crosssporting bars, overpressure indicators, rupture discs - Accessories for Progressive Systems


Control Units for Single-Line Systems


Modular feeder PSG product series For oil and grease For use in SKF ProFlex progressive and SKF CircOil circulating centralized lubrication systems


Progressive Systems for Commercial Vehicles For grease up to NLGI grade 2


Piston pump unit Product series KFG For fluid grease and grease For use in SKF MonoFlex and SKF ProFlex centralized lubrication systems


Grease Lubrication Pump FK for use in progressive, single-line and dual-line centralized lubrication systems