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Progressive Oil Lubrication Systems

Progressive “ ProFlex” systems are utilised in all sections of industry for small to medium size machines. HES Lubemec supply systems for both oil and grease (NLGI 000 – 2), with options for manual, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric pumps.

progressive lubrication system

The basic components of the system are the pump, progressive distributors, tubing and fittings. Optional control and monitoring features are available depending on the type of application.

Monitoring options include visual cycle indicators, 2 or 3 pin piston detectors, or rotary gear meters (oil only).

Systems typically utilise primary distributors feeding a number of secondary distributors, which in turn dispense lubricant in measured quantities to each lubrication point. As the name suggests, the lubricant passes through the distributors progressively.

The distributors operate using a series of pistons, one for each pair of outlets, which move sequentially ensuring all points receive the correct amount of lubricant. The amount of lubricant dispensed is controlled by the diameter and stroke of the respective piston.

Progressive systems are capable of lubricating points with vastly differing lubricant requirement by careful selection of distributor type and size.

Another advantage of the progressive system is the ability to detect any blocked bearings, as the system will not operate unless each piston is able to dispense lubricant.

HES Lubemec supplies progressive systems for up to 150 lubrication points with either grease or oil, and up to 1,000 points in oil recirculating system, using flow limiters.

Distributors can be mono-block, segmental or modular, with 2 to 20 outlets and outputs from 0.01 cc up to 6 litres per minute. System pressures can be up to 300 bar.

Please contact HES Lubemec for advice on the correct system for your application, email enquiries@grouphes.com or call 01452 733 104. 


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