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Vogel - Willy Vogel

Willy Vogel was founded in 1929 and they developed innovative and industry leading lubrication systems and components.


Willy Vogel Lubrication continued to invest in research and their products were renowned in Germany and around the world, with their range of lubrication components including screw, gear, piston and oil mist pumps. 

In 2004, Willy Vogel was purchased by the bearings experts, SKF. This acquisition was a move to provide SKF with an engineering platform upon which to extend their business as lubrication made a logical industry for the bearings company to enter.

The Vogel lubrication brand is now covered under the SKF range of systems and components and as SKF official distributors, HES Lubemec is able to assist you in finding the right parts or finding suitable alternatives under the SKF and Lincoln ranges.

Call our Vogel lubrication team today on 01452 733 104 for technical assistance or email us enquiries@grouphes.com 

We have a selection of Vogel pumps available to buy (now SKF) 

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