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Wind Power Lubrication

The wind power industry, like any other mechanically led industry, requires the correct lubrication to operate efficiently. However, the wind power industry presents a set of unique circumstances that make providing adequate lubrication difficult.


Wind Power LubricationWind turbines are often in the middle of nowhere, sometimes on- and sometimes off-shore and almost always high off the ground. To reach these turbines, HES Lubemec can offer specifically developed solutions to efficiently lubricate these hard to reach places, using automatic or centralised lubrication systems.


HES Lubemec can offer you lubrication solutions using custom-designed products and systems for the tough operating conditions faced by the wind power industry.


These lubrication products from HES Lubemec make the maintenance of wind turbines more straightforward, more reliable and much more efficient.  When combined the lubrication interface you receive advanced monitoring services that will mean improved reliability, extended service life, thus reducing your overall costs.


HES Lubemec can supply a range of specifically tailored products and systems that cover a range of applications, including blade bearings, main bearings, yaw bearings and generators. Progressive Systems offer a lubrication solution for the wind turbines’ tough operating conditions, using progressively fed lubrication in the right amount, at the right time to the right place. There is also a recently released single-line lubrication system 603 S/653 S, developed explicitly for the wind power industry.


HES Lubemec’s team of lubrication specialists can help you through the decision process, as well as aiding you with the design and build of the systems. As official distributors of SKF and Lincoln, you receive expert advice, with excellent quality products, with the addition of consultation, design, build and servicing of your custom designed system. 


To begin the conversation, call the team today on 01452 733 104 or email enquiries@grouphes.com



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