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Rail Lubrication Systems

HES Lubemec as official distributors for SKF and Lincoln's lubrication products will find the perfect rail lubrication system for you


Rail Systems Lubrication


Rail lines are subject to heavy loads, high speeds and a diverse range of weather conditions. All factors that make keeping the tracks, wheel flanges etc lubricated a key priority. 


To keep people safe, to reduce wear and to minimise service downtime, HES Lubemec is proud to offer a range of lubrication systems and products that have been specifically developed for the rail industry by both SKF and Lincoln.


Efficient rail lubrication is imperative to keep trains and wagons moving, to reduce noise and wear as well as minimising energy consumption.


Lincoln offers a range of wayside lubrication systems that pump exactly the right amount of grease to the rail, at the right time, using motion sensors to detect passing trains.  SKF’s EasyRail systems spray a thin layer of grease to the gauge face, when activated, directly to the rail.


A combination of both Lincoln’s wayside lubrication systems and SKF EasyRail onboard systems for wheel flange lubrication and top-of-rail conditioning is the recommended solution for optimal rail lubrication.


Our lubrication specialists at HES Lubemec use their vast experience and knowledge to perform a detailed analysis to find the right lubrication solution system choice for your application.


Call the team today on 01452 733 104 or email enquiries@grouphes.com for more information



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