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Grease Spraying System for Large Open Gear

Lubricating large open gears is no easy task, the harsh operating conditions, the huge area to cover and the importance of their role in the application; mean that any downtime can cause costly delays for production. HES Lubemec is able to offer a tailored made solution for optimum lubrication of your open gears utilising SKF Grease Spray systems.


Open Gear Spray Lubrication

When considering which method of lubrication you should use for these types of gears in the mining, concrete and gravel markets, you need to consider a number of variances: the width, the diameter, space constraints (i.e.  How many spray nozzles will it take to cover the area), the viscosity of the chosen lubricant, the type of said lubricant and its temperature characteristics.


HES Lubemec will take into account all of the above criteria and will guide you through the process of finding how the SKF grease spraying system will improve the reliability, efficiency and running costs of your large open gears.


HES Lubemec is the official distributor for SKF, Lincoln and Vogel, which means we are experts in helping different industries, with various applications, to find the right lubrication solution for you. We will look after the system selection, the installation and the servicing of the system, as well as the supply of any required spare parts.


For more information or to start the process, call the lubrication specialists today on 01452 733 104 or email enquiries@grouphes.com



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