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Dry Lubrication for Conveyors

HES Lubemec knows that in any plant, the conveyor system needs to work swiftly, efficiently and reliably.


Dry Conveyors


Water conservation has been a hot topic for many years and the traditional method of lubricating conveyor belts was with a water and soap mixture. However, this lead to high water usage and costs, corrosion, accidents from a slippery floor and the growth of bacteria, with plants having to stop production to clean.


Dry lubrication systems were developed that deliver automated pre-metered lubricant precisely to both the conveyor chains and guides.


Wet lubrication sometimes caused damage to the packaging and could cause products to slip off the belt. The SKF Dry Film Lubricant (NF H1 certified) from HES Lubemec combats these problems, saving you time, money and reduces accidents.


HES Lubemec has access to the world renowned lubrication systems and components from manufacturers SKF, Lincoln and Vogel.


HES Lubemec has many years of experience of the lubrication of conveyors’ surfaces and guides in the food and beverage industry, using PTFE based oils.


Our lubrication specialists can assist with your conveyor system selection, installation, servicing and supplying of spare parts. See the dry lubrication for conveyors catalogue herefor more information. Call us today on 01452 733 104 or email enquiries@grouphes.com