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Circulating Oil Lubrication Systems

HES Lubemec is able to supply custom made re-circulating oil systems for a vast range of applications, ranging from small gearbox systems to complete systems for paper mills, with flow rates from 0.1 up to 3,000 litres per minute.

Systems consist of the pump, filter, flow control valve and metering for each lubrication point. Additional accessories, depending on the application, include flow monitors, heaters, coolers, pressure switches, contamination monitors etc.

At HES Lubemec we have the facility to design, build and test re-circulating systems designed specifically to customer requirements, taking into account flow, pressure, oil viscosity and temperature in addition to physical space and environmental conditions.

Pumps can be gear, gerotor or screw type and are available in a range of voltages. Reservoirs are available as steel (painted to customer specification), or stainless steel and can be fitted with water or air blast coolers and electric immersion heaters if required.

Metering of oil quantity may be achieved by flow limiters or progressive distribution valves.

Please contact HES Lubemec for further details, call us on 01452 733 104 or email enquiries@grouphes.com


Gear and Cam Pumps Product series ZP, 206 For oil. For use in SKF CircOil centralized lubrication systems.


Modular feeder PSG product series For oil and grease For use in SKF ProFlex progressive and SKF CircOil circulating centralized lubrication systems


PSG3 (PM) Modular Feeder corrosion resistant, for use in circulating-oil lubrication systems


UD and UC Gear pump unit for SKF CircOil or hydraulic lubrication systems


SMD 1B / SMD 2 / SMD 3 flow meters Modular design for oil circulating lubrication systems with gearwheel-type flow indicator and bypass system


Monitoring Units for efficient and precise monitoring of individual flows in circulating oil lubrication systems


Circulating Lubrication Systems (Oil) Screw-in restrictors, metering valve distributors, flow volume dividers


SKF Flowline for SKF CircOil, Circulating oil lubrication system